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Questions about libntru license/ntru patent status


I'm a developer on the Tor Project.  We're thinking of adding a new
cryptographic algorithm to Tor in order to improve our security
against possible advances in quantum computation.

Many Tor servers run on Debian, and we'd like to make sure that
everything we do in Tor can be distributed under the DFSG.

One of the leading algorithms in this area, NTRU [1], is currently
covered by a patent.  The patent holders [2] have made free (libre and
gratis) implementations available [3], along with some relatively
permissive patent licenses [4] permitting the use of their patents in
freely licensed software.

Would there be any issues with including one or more of the NTRU
libraries in Debian, with the patent licenses in [4] below?

If there are no issues, great!  How should we move forward?  Are there
more steps we should follow?

But if there are issues, what can we do to solve them?  The patent
holders are enthusiastic about allowing free software to use their
patents, and I believe they would be amenable to hearing what steps
are needed.  (I've cc'd them here.)

[1] NTRU: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTRU

[2] patent holders: https://www.securityinnovation.com/

[3] Libre implementations:

[4] Patent licenses:

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