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Re: Questions about libntru license/ntru patent status

25.02.2016, 15:30, "Walter Landry" <wlandry@caltech.edu>:
>  Tor would have to provide source with their binaries, which is
>  something that they already do. The code that the Tor project writes
>  could still be BSD licensed. So if someone wants to make a pure BSD
>  version, all they would have to do is take out the NTRU parts.

So in particular, if the Tor Project wanted to make a pure BSD version, they would have to take out the NTRU parts. But I don't the Tor project wants that because then you'd have NTRU Tor clients and non-NTRU ones, the latter not being able to talk to the NTRU-enabled clients.

Another way for Tor to deal with the patent problem is to not implement NTRU until the NTRU patent expires in Aug 2017.

>  As I understand it, the GPL'd NTRU implementation is distributed by
>  the patent holders. The GPL implicitly grants a patent license. The
>  BSD licensed version does not have this patent license.

OK, that makes sense.


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