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Re: incompatible licenses in the debian directory

Paul Tagliamonte dixit:

>This is a GPL restriction. Since the upstream code isn't GPL, why are
>you using a GPL argument about build scripts? -- in theory this would apply
>to build scripts for the GPLv3'd debian/* files, but there are none that

Hm unsure. It really depends on how far you acknowledge the
virality of the GPL – Debian, AFAIK, tends to go more with
the FSF’s extreme interpretation…

But if the new maintainer is willing to completely remove the
old stuff that’s probably the best outcome, considering the
old maintainer is unwilling to cooperate.

(Personally I think debian/ should be permissive, especially
if there’s not too much “magic” in it… and others even think
there should be no magic in it…)

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