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Re: incompatible licenses in the debian directory

Paul Tagliamonte <paultag <at> debian.org> writes:

> So, the way *I* see this is so long as the GPL code isn't being put into
> a combined work with anything (e.g. GPL'd patches), it *should* be OK.

Unfortunately, GPLv3 considers build scripts (thus, d/rules plus the
input for the declarative dh* commands, plus d/control which is parsed
by some, etc.) to be part of the “complete” source code.

This means that even the previous maintainer was unable to legally
upload the package with debian/* being GPLv3, unless he added an

Make out of that, consequences-wise, whatever you want…
just saying… there have been precedences of upstream being
forced to relicence because they have distributed something
they couldn’t under the choices they made themselves.


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