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Re: incompatible licenses in the debian directory

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 10:18:58AM -0400, Miles Lubin wrote:
> Dear debian-legalers,

Yo, Miles!

> - The debian directory had no explicit license mentioned in the
> copyright file. It was pointed out by Paul Tagliamonte that the

Oh yes, I remember this.

> previous maintainer(s) must agree to the change in license.
> - Soeren Sonnenburg, the previous maintainer, has insisted that his
> work be licensed under GPLv3 exclusively.


> What's the best way to resolve this issue? In general I see two
> different classes of files in the debian directory as they might
> relate to the license incompatibility.
> 1) Debian helper files (rules, watch, control, copyright, changelog)
> which are not part of the distributed package.
> 2) Patches, manpages, etc. which are part of the distributed package.

So, the way *I* see this is so long as the GPL code isn't being put into
a combined work with anything (e.g. GPL'd patches), it *should* be OK.

I couldn't imagine the case to be made against shipping CC-BY images in
a GPL source package, so I don't see why we can't have different
conflicting licenses in the same tarball (unless the license stipulates
such, in which case, I'm not sure of the DFSG freeness, see point 9)

It's a skitch hazy, but I don't think there's an issue with
distributing CC-BY and GPL code in the same tarball -- the only issue is
this *MAY* result in GPL issues if *upstream* is GPL, if you've checked
out some of the CDDL build-scripts + GPL'd source code flames.

I've not looked into the details of those issues, however, so I couldn't
speak to them.

Hopefully you can find a good solution!


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