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Re: data and software licence incompatabilities?

Clark C. Evans <cce <at> clarkevans.com> writes:

> > Francesco Poli has been a longtime subscriber to the debian-legal mailing
> > list.  He has quite extensive knowledge about licensing, and is often the
> > first person to answer inquiries about new licenses sent to the list.
> Not only that, but he reaches out to help you personally and does an 
> excellent job on giving a fair shake to opposing view points.  It'd be a
> serious loss without his involvement, even if I disagree with him.

And that is why I suggested to him to become a DD. (I’m not in favour
of a list ban if it can be solved otherwise.)

(By the way, I just looked, DD is the term for both packaging/uploading
and nōn-uploading project members.)


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