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OpenJDK 7.0 license question

[CC me please]

Hi there,

  Could someone please clarify why OpenJDK 7.0 went to main with the
following license:

-> http://openjdk.java.net/legal/OpenJDK-TCK_SE7_27Dec2011.pdf

1.1 “Compatible Licensee Implementation” means a Licensee
Implementation that (i)
fully implements the Java Specification, including all its required
interfaces and
functionality; (ii) does not modify, subset, superset or otherwise
extend the Licensor
Name Space,


1.6 "Licensor Name Space" means the public class or interface declarations whose
names begin with "java", "javax", "com.Oracle", “com.Sun” or their
equivalents in any
subsequent naming convention adopted by Oracle through the Java Community
Process, or any recognized successors or replacements thereof.

Thanks much for clarification, we have an issue with saxonhe having
those licensing words:


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