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Non-DFSG license change by original author


during packaging of casacore <http://bugs.debian.org/686924> which is
licensed as LGPL-2, I found a file that contradicts this license and is
also not DFSG compliant (install/printer/range.c; has a "you may not
sell this program" clause).

I asked the original author (which has no relation to upstream) whether
he could put the file under LGPL, and he agreed. Also, the upstream
authors are informed.

However, how shall I deal/document this in the copyright file? Is it
enough to just put a note there (and possibly put a patch with the
license change into debian/patches), or shall I still create a +dfsg
tarball by removing the file in question and then re-add the newly
licensed file with a patch? I just don't want to wait until upstream
releases a new version with possibly changing the copyright info in this



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