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Re: Java3D license incompatible with DFSG?

Eric Smith <eric@brouhaha.com> writes:

> Ben Finney wrote:
> > But it's also plausible that the author of that statement is
> > referring to a license *from government* specific to design,
> > construction, operation or maintenance of nuclear facilities, and
> > nothing to do with copyright: the government does not license the
> > recipient for these uses.
> That seems quite implausible to me. The only license that is described
> anywhere in the document is the software license that Sun might (or
> might not) be granting to a third party.

Right. If some other license is meant by this clause, it is needlessly
confusing to mix it in with the terms of the copyright license.

So I strongly advise the prospective maintainer to seek from the
copyright holder an improved license text which clears up this

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