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Re: Debian Derivative any legal questions?

[CCing you since I assume you aren't subscribed. I am subscribed
though, no need to CC]

On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 12:42 AM,  <anotst01@fastmail.fm> wrote:

> I like to create a derivative based on Debian using the default iso
> images and debian repositories as base.

I would encourage you to work on a Debian pure blend instead:


> My project will have a name without "Debian" inside. But I'd like to say
> "based on Debian" and "all packages from the Debian repositories work".
> No problem, or?
> I am not going to replace the default desktop or themes so it will look
> like Debian. Is that a problem? Must I rebrand?

Those sound like trademark questions, CCing trademark folks:


I'm not an expert on trademarks but I would guess that "based on foo"
type statements are not forbidden by the law. Not sure about the
branding question.

> Anything else to keep in mind when redistributing anything modified
> stuff based on Debian?

If you have any more derivatives related questions, please ask them on
the debian-derivatives mailing list or IRC channel. We also have some
guidelines for derivatives and other iniatives.




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