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Re: Nuitka - GPLv3 plus contribution copyright assignment

Kay Hayen, 2012-01-05 16:37+0100:
> The interesting part is contribution copyright assignment. I actually do 
> _not_ want Nuitka to have to stay GPLv3 when it's "ready". Then I 
> _definitely_ want it to have another license, with "ASF2.0" being the 
> current front runner.
> If i put it as "ASF2.0" too early, it would put me at a risk of loosing 
> the control over the direction.

Interesting. Well, as far as I know, copyright assignment is more an
issue of project management, not of licensing. What you can do is
clearly state that you will only integrate contributed code with such a
copyright assignment, or parallel private licensing to you under the
ASF. But this is sometimes not appreciated.

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