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Re: a Free Platform License?

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 7:00 PM, Mark Weyer wrote:

> The reason for there being an AGPL was thus: People started offering web
> services based on GPL software. RMS would have liked to obtain the source
> code. The GPL did not force the people to disclose their source code,
> because it only restricts distribution, not use. And the web services were
> only used, not distributed.
> Hence the AGPL restricts use by design.
> The above is not intended to convey my opinion on the AGPL, just to prove
> that it does in fact restrict use.

According to Bradley Khun of the SFLC speaking at DebConf10 in New
York, the AGPL's clauses are based entirely on the restrictions on
modification in copyright law, not on any law preventing the use or
public performance of a work. See around 45:53 during this video for
where I asked him about this:




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