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Re: The "Evil Cookie Producer" case

Op 7/03/2011 11:12, Charles Plessy schreef:
Le Mon, Mar 07, 2011 at 11:06:22AM +0100, Bruno Lowagie a écrit :
Op 7/03/2011 11:02, Charles Plessy schreef:
Regardless of the purpose and the intentions behind requiring to ‘retain the
producer line in every PDF that is created or manipulated using iText’, if this
addition to the AGPL does not fall under Section 7(b), this makes iText potentially
incompatible with other works released under the (A)GPL license. That alone may
be a reason to reconsider this additional term.
Is there any jurisdiction about this I can forward to my attorney?
I do not have experience in contacting them, but I think that if I were in your
case, I would ask directly to Free Software Foundation, since they probably
know the best what is the intention behind Section 7.

It has been a long time since I last had to contact the FSF (certainly more than 5 years ago, probably longer), but this is indeed a case that could benefit from their opinion.

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