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Re: The "Evil Cookie Producer" case

Bruno Lowagie wrote:
> Please don't avoid the question: does the freedom to hide information 
> prevail over the freedom to get information?

You mean like you avoided the question: what is the actual case here?

This list works better when it is discussing actual software which be
considered for debian.  So I dislike this discussion of food and
anyway, I think all cookies are evil, so what does it matter? ;-)

The FAQ and its tests are illustrative but slightly controversial and
not decisive - although I think I've posted how I believe they follow
from the DFSG in the past.  The AGPL is a known big dispute in this
group.  Mentioning both in one post with no software smells fishy.

I particularly liked it when the original post asked if I'd prefer
to die.  Can I choose to die at the hands of Hitler force-feeding
me one of those nutty cookies?  If only that worked...

Happy Sunday!
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