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Re: [MeeGo-dev] Packaging the MeeGo stack on Debian - Use the name ?

On 12/12/10 23:30, David Greaves wrote:
I'm cc'ing th meego-community list as I think there are a lot of people
there who are having similar conversations.

On 09/12/10 19:12, Ibrahim Haddad wrote:
 > The MeeGo Project members devoted quite a bit of time discussing these
 > questions to make sure the responses are fair and most of all work to
 > the benefit of the MeeGo project

Where did this discussion happen? I didn't see it on the community
mailing list

Sorry if it's just me Ibrahim - I didn't see a reply to this question and can't find anything in the mail archives. I'd appreciate a pointer so I can "do the right thing" and read up on the discussion.



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