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Re: [MeeGo-dev] Packaging the MeeGo stack on Debian - Use the name ?

I'm cc'ing th meego-community list as I think there are a lot of people there who are having similar conversations.

On 09/12/10 19:12, Ibrahim Haddad wrote:
> The MeeGo Project members devoted quite a bit of time discussing these
> questions to make sure the  responses are fair and most of all work to
> the benefit of the MeeGo project

Where did this discussion happen? I didn't see it on the community mailing list

We would ask you to move away from using {M,m}-e-e-{G,g}-o or any subset
of those letters or sounds in that order, alone or in combination with
other letters, words or marks that would tend to cause someone to make a
reasonable connection of the reference with the MeeGo mark. We
specifically discussed one possibility for illustration purposes – which
is to use MG in the place of MeeGo.  We do not think that a plain text
MG, when used in reference to the code, as in a file or project or team
name, would cause a reasonable person to be confused.

Can I ask how this applies to the 50+ packages which are currently part of meego but which are opensource and many of which we presumably expect to be used elsewhere?

maemo-meegotouch-interfaces (!)
meego-handset-* (21)
meegotouch-* (14)
meegotouchcp-* (8)

I assume the MeeGo project is implicitly giving permission to use these as package and library names by publishing the packaging and tarballs under the relevant license?


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