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Re: Packaging the MeeGo stack on Debian - Use the name ?

Fri, 10 Dec 2010 04:16:46 -0800 Don Armstrong wrote:
>On Thu, 09 Dec 2010, Ibrahim Haddad wrote:
>> To start with, the goal is to avoid any confusion around what is and
>> what is not MeeGo. Anything that is or will become associated with
>> the MeeGo trademark has to be in conformance with the compliance
>> program.
>Unfortunately, there's no way that Debian can possibly comply with the
>compliance specification as written. [I only got as far as §2.3 to
>find an obvious deal-breaker.]
>This sounds like yet another case where an unbranded name[1] is
>required for actual use in the community, ala iceweasel.
>Don Armstrong
>1: wontgo came to mind immediately, but something slightly less
>antagonistic can probably be though of.

The obvious choice would be 'yugo', to honor fine eastern European
solutions for mobility.


Teemu (an N900 user)

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