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Re: Copyright assignment

On Tue, 23 Nov 2010 07:28:28 +1100 Ben Finney wrote:

> Miles Bader <miles@gnu.org> writes:
> > p.s. I think the FSF in general plays it quite fair; I'd treat a
> > for-profit company with a lot more skepticism.
> Bradley Kuhn contrasts the two in a recent weblog entry
> <URL:http://www.ebb.org/bkuhn/blog/2010/02/01/copyright-not-all-equal.html>;
> he argues that the FSF's approach is good.

Let me quote this blog entry by Bradley Kuhn:

| FSF promises to never proprietarize its versions of the software
| assigned to it and always release its versions of the software under
| Free Software licenses.

Yeah, right.

Then, the FSF publishes the GNU AfferoGPL v3 and claims that it is a
Free Software license, by hand waving.
And it also makes the GNU GPL v3 compatible with that problematic
This is how the FSF keeps its promises...   :-( 

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