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Re: trademark infringement FreeFOAM

Gerber van der Graaf <gerber.vdgraaf@gmail.com> writes:
>> I think that accepting contributions only when the contributor transfers
>> his/her copyright is indeed allowed for GPL software: actually it's
>> what the FSF does...   :-(
> I didn't know that and that's quite strong. Do they also erase the names
> of contributing authors, as OpenCFD is requiring?

All that gets changed after assignment to the FSF is the copyright
statement.  No "erasing" that I'm aware of.

[E.g., if you look at many lisp files in the GNU Emacs distribution,
they contain an "Author: ..." line that is the original author(s).]


p.s. I think the FSF in general plays it quite fair; I'd treat a
for-profit company with a lot more skepticism.

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