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Re: package changing their license to get into main (sandboxgamemaker)

Francesco Poli wrote:
>> 2.  You must read and abide by the zlib/libpng licenses located in
>> /src which pertains to the source code of Platinum Arts Sandbox Free
>> 3D Game Maker, Moviecube and the Cube 2 source code which the project
>> is based on. You can find the licenses in sandbox_src_license.txt,
>> moviecube_license, and Cube_2_enginelicense.txt
> This is the strange condition 2 that makes this license become a sort
> of "pointer-license": if I understand correctly, it states that I must
> read the zlib license and abide by it for the source of Sandbox,
> Moviecube and Cube 2.
> Requiring that I *read* the zlib license is weird and problematic: do I
> have to read it again *each* time I use Sandbox?!?
> What if I am already familiar with the zlib license and don't need to
> re-read it in order to abide by it?!?
> Requiring, *in the license for Sandbox*, that I abide by the zlib
> license for the source of Sandbox seems to be weird, too: if Sandbox is
> released under the zlib license, then the "pointer-license" should be
> dropped entirely; if Sandbox is not released under the zlib license,
> then condition 2 seems to be false...
> I reiterate the recommendation to drop the entire "pointer-license", in
> favor of simply releasing Sandbox under the terms of the zlib license.

*Maybe* what they really meant (which is not clear at all) is that you must 
follow the zlib and libpng licenses for the zlib and libpng libraries that 
they use or have as embedded copies in their source code, but they don't 
apply to the actual gamemaker's code.


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