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Re: License requiring to reproduce copyrights in binary distributions.

Le Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 07:00:23AM +0200, Florian Weimer a écrit :
> * Charles Plessy:
> >  - The GPL, that assumes that the source is always available, and therefore
> >    does not have special requirements for binary distributions.
> This is incorrect.  If the binary includes copyright statements to
> display them, you may not remove them (see §5 (d) in the GPL
> version 3).
> In addition to license terms, you have to take moral rights into
> account.  In many countries, software authors have an inalienable
> right to be named as authors, like any other author.

Hi Florian,

Reading the paragraph 5.d, I have rather the impression that it says that if
the program we redistribute does not display copyright notices, the GPL does
not require us to fix this:

 5. Conveying Modified Source Versions.
 d) If the work has interactive user interfaces, each must display Appropriate
 Legal Notices; however, if the Program has interactive interfaces that do not
 display Appropriate Legal Notices, your work need not make them do so.

The moral rights is another issue… Most of the heat in the discussions about
debian/copyright stem from the fact that Upstream does not document copyrights
perfectly. Otherwise, writing this file would be trivial.

Do I undertand correctly that your comment is:

 If a copyright notice is present in the source but not in the binary version
 nor its accompaning documentation, it can be a violation of autors inalienable
 rights in some countries.

Then we return to the original question: if it is acceptable that Debian
distributes the source and binary forms of works licensed under the GPL in
separate packages, does that mean that there is no need to reproduce copyright
statements from the source code to the debian/copyright file in the binary
package for works licensed under other terms, unless the license specifically
requires to do so?

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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