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Re: Mono License changes over time and the risks this is presenting.

On Mon, 06 Jul 2009, Peter Dolding wrote:
> non-free is the section I mean. Items in there have restrictions
> that could mean they are non free.

non-free is for things which we can distribute legally but do not meet
the DFSG. Things that are controlled by patents which are actively
enforced for which we do not have a license to distribute and our
users to use cannot be legally distributed, and therefore cannot be in

FWICT, the .NET patents[1] don't meet the bar of being actively
enforced. I personally wouldn't recommend that people develop with
them, but that has little to nothing to do with whether we distribute
them in main or people decide to build on them.

Don Armstrong

1: I honestly don't even know *which* specific patents we're talking
about here; it's all awash in FUD.
Quite the contrary; they *love* collateral damage. If they can make
you miserable enough, maybe you'll stop using email entirely. Once
enough people do that, then there'll be no legitimate reason left for
anyone to run an SMTP server, and the spam problem will be solved.
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