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Re: Mono License changes over time and the risks this is presenting.

Peter Dolding <oiaohm@gmail.com> wrote: [...]
> In fact the head of Microsoft has said That only Novell and other
> people who have signed agreements is protected.  So all the class
> libraries of mono need to move to the restricted section.   Hopefully
> this will push the .Net wanting people to get clarification of the
> patent status. [...]

"restricted section"?  I think that's confusing debian with another
distribution that has a restricted component (rhymes with bizar-roo).

I think the usual decision is that we'll (re)move it when some people
demonstrate an actual patent problem for our users.  It's nearly
impossible for us to decide whether a patent applies and it is in the
interests of most patent holders to exaggerate their scope.

Hope that explains,
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