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Re: Mono License changes over time and the risks this is presenting.

Peter Dolding writes:

> http://www.mono-project.com/Licensing
> Mono engine was pure GPL and Class libraries was LGPL at one point.
> These days the Mono engine is hybred MIT & GPL and the class libraries is MIT.
> This trend is something to be worried about.  MIT does not provide any
> patent protection.  Even that items like Tomboy are LGPL in there code
> they may not breach any patents.  The important thing to audit is the
> classes Tomboy depends on to operate.   I suspect lot of .net
> applications will fail inspection.

Please explain what you mean by "patent protection".  It is not clear
to me what kind of protection you think the GPL or LGPL provided that
the MIT license does not provide.  Similarly, the meaning of "fail
inspection" is not clear.  This all sounds like FUD to me.

Michael Poole

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