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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

MJ Ray wrote:
> 1. Along similar lines, one question I keep returning to is
>   "Would a licence that required me to give a copy of the source at my
>   expense if I let someone use the application on my laptop meet the
>   DFSG?"

It doesn't require you to give them a copy. It requires you to offer it.
In other words, the app you let them use might have a "Save Source"
link, but they are responsible for bringing the USB stick.

> And I think the answer is "No, it breaks DFSG 1" but people are
> defending the AGPLv3 by saying that the cost is negligible, which I'm
> unsure about.  I'm also not sure whether the scale of the cost matters
> much - one person's negligible is another's cost of living.

> Basically, AGPLv3 seems to reduce the user's freedom to "use, but not
> distribute" 

That's a good way of putting it IMO.

> which isn't explicitly forbidden by the DFSG, but surely
> outside the normal Free Software Definition. 

Why "surely"?


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