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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

Francesco Poli wrote:
> In the case of the AfferoGPLv3, I am *not* already distributing
> software.  

But you are distributing some sort of data - otherwise the person using
the software would not be interacting with it. Interaction requires
exchange of data.

> I modified the application and simply want to run it on my
> server.

If it were just "running on your server", there would be no distribution
requirement. But it is running on your server and sending and receiving
data from the user, which is different.

> In order to do so, I am compelled to offer to distribute source code to
> users.  Let's see what I can do:
>  * if the application runs on a resource-limited server (think about a
> small embedded system...), I cannot use the same host

If it's a small embedded system, the source code is likely also to be
small. Or is this a combination of the "small embedded system" objection
and the "gigabytes of modified source" objection?

>  * if I don't want to publish the application (but only distribute it
> to my users), I cannot use a public hosting service

I refuse to believe that finding somewhere to host a password-protected
10MB tarball is so difficult that it falls into the category of
"unreasonable requirement".

>  * if I cannot afford the costs of ensuring it is available as long as
> the application runs, I cannot use another host owned or hired by me

And if you can't afford the costs of the bandwidth for the small
embedded system, you can't run the service at all! Free as in freedom
does not necessarily mean free as in cost to you.


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