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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

"Arc Riley" <arcriley@gmail.com> wrote: [...]
> I believe we'll be able to offer Debian packages via our Launchpad PPA

So the PySol project wants to use the AGPLv3 and the forced
distribution of source code is "a desirable effect", but it's
distributed on the non-free most-source-unavailable Launchpad webapp?

That makes almost as little sense to me as a GNU Project help site
powered by Atlassian Confluence (which I reported to GNU webmasters
ages ago and it's still there).  At least Launchpad is free
vapourware, but I think that's only if/when Sourceforge and Google
Code quit, IIRC.

I feel the best way to avoid webapps becoming more and more non-free
is to reduce use of non-free webapps, to keep copies of as much of my
data from non-free webapps as possible so I'm ready to move to free
webapps as they become available, and to try replacing non-free
webapps with free ones.  I'll do that before forcing webapp-hosting
users to become distributors.  I still think free software is good
enough that it'll win without the Affero compromise.

If only the Affero advocates would actually try unambiguously free
software webapps themselves before saying it's not enough!  Do some
advocate Affero because they find some non-free webapps irresistable,
wish they had the source to those and see publishing more software
with Affero clauses as a possible way of - eventually - getting the
source of those non-free webapps?

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