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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 5:08 AM, MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:

The source-transmission requirement is hardly onerous if it has
loopholes (like hosting on third-party cost-free VCSes, perhaps), but
it's not yet clear exactly what those are.

It's not a loophole, it's the expectation.  Section 13 only specifies "a" server, not the protocol, not that it must be hosted over your net connection, nor does it say that you must own/rent the server yourself.

For our project, I intend to offer free hosting of branches of the engine and games based on the engine (along with any variants thereof) on the *.pysoy.org server as we reach a point where that's needed.  There's of course no requirement that anyone upload their modifications to this specific server, it's a convience factor as the primary purpose of our project is to lower the barrier for entry for copyleft game development.

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