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Re: Do web applications disable GPL obligations?

On Thu Mar 13 16:38, M. Tyler wrote:

> Sorry, but I don't understand what this implies. Our friendly customer, who
> modified the code, who published icons and other binaries, refuses to open
> the modifications. He has currently disabled the java code, but we still
> find our graphics on his website.
> Can we force him on this grounds to publish the source of all modifications?
> Or can he pretend that the icons form a single new work, so that he only has
> to publish them together with the unmodified work which we delivered to him?

I think it reasonable for them to only distribute the source for those
parts for which they distribute the binary. In this case the icons
probably count as both the source and binary (although, see "preferred
form of modification", which is unclear for icons) and so you have no
further complaint.

Of course you may still be annoyed that they are running a modified
version without sending you the modifications, but this is allowed.


Matthew Johnson

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