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Re: Zimbra and Yahoo Public License

Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org> wrote:
> Miriam wrote:
> > What about "6.2 - In the event Yahoo! determines that You have
> > breached this Agreement, Yahoo! may terminate this Agreement." ? Would
> > it give Yahoo! the power to terminate the license randomly at their
> > will (for example, if Microsoft buys it in the future), or is it safe
> > enough? In any case, I don't think it would be too relevant, as it
> > won't affect redistributions ("With respect to any Modification You
> > distribute in source code format, the terms of this Agreement will
> > apply to You in the same way those terms apply to Yahoo! with respect
> > to the Software"). I'm asking just in case.
> I think it's similar to the GPL termination clause: if you're violating
> the license, your rights under the license are retracted.

GPL termination clause is at
and does not allow the copyright holder to determine a breach unlaterally.

The Yahoo one looks like a holder-termination clause to me, so I think it
fails DFSG but I'm not sure exactly how.  Clearly not free software, though
- look at the number of places on their licence list that the FSF comments
about the evils of termination clauses.

How would redistributions escape from it?  The quoted clause above looks
like part of a copyleft to me.

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