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Re: Which GPL for Ogg Frog?

"Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> writes:

> "Ben Finney" <bignose+hates-spam@benfinney.id.au> wrote in message
> [🔎] 87zlz84nu9.fsf@benfinney.id.au">news:[🔎] 87zlz84nu9.fsf@benfinney.id.au...
> > Music in digital form, being digitially-stored information, *is*
> > software :-) As Eben Moglen said, it's foolish to try to
> > distinguish different freedoms for a bitstream depending on how
> > those bits happen to be interpreted at some point in time.
> That sounds like an argument against the GFDL licence.

I am convinced that it is, yes.

> IF Eben Moglen really belived that, why did he allow rms to create
> that license?

That presumes that Eben was in any position to "allow" RMS to do
anything. In any case, you'd have to ask him.

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Ben Finney

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