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Which GPL for Ogg Frog?

I am working on an audio application called Ogg Frog (http://www.oggfrog.com/). It is not released yet, but I hope to release the first version later this fall.

I am having trouble deciding which version of the GPL I will release it under. It has two GPL dependencies so far, libmad and libid3tag, which are both GPLv2 or later, so I could choose to release Ogg Frog under either GPLv2 or GPLv3.

I have read many of the arguments over GPLv3, and tried to weigh their merits, but I'm afraid they all just make my head spin.

I have always been uncomfortable with the "or, at your option, any later version" in GPL license notices. It is most likely that if I choose GPLv3, I will require that specific version and not allow any later version.

Is there a web page somewhere that distills the essence of each of the arguments, pro and con? I've tried to read some of the threads and Debian legal, but I'm afraid I haven't been able to reach a conclusion by doing so.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Mike Crawford
aka Rippit the Ogg Frog
Rippit the Ogg Frog

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        Music should be too, as it once was.

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