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Re: Anti-TPM clauses

Shriramana Sharma wrote:
Olive wrote:

The persons who are entitled to take a decision (i.e. the ftp masters) have decided that CC-BY-SA is free. Many people here say that something is not suitable for main even though it has already been decided otherwise by the persons entitled to take the decision. They mistake their wishes for the reality and/or try to gain powers that they have not. If it continues this way; the answers given on this list might just be disregarded. It just the opinion of a small group of people which have nothing to do with Debian but who dream they are a jury of some court.

Though I agree with the FTP-masters that CC-3.0-BY(-SA) are free, I feel your words are somewhat unjustifiably harsh. Everyone is entitled to his say. Everyone has his own interpretation. Stating such an interpretation does not constitute dreaming of power. Nobody is trying to gain any powers here.

As for this list being disregarded, this list exists for the purpose of discussion. If anyone did not have a right to voice their opinions on an on-topic subject in a friendly manner, the purpose of this list would be defeated, IMO. On a lighter note, I could say that it would make this list conflict with DFSG #5.

Everyone can state his opinion, but it depend on the way you did it. Members on this lists are free to discuss, express and defend their opinions, whatever they are. But they might not claim (or let believe) that they speak on the name of Debian and I have too often the feeling some members misunderstand this.

Some people ask questions on this list as a given license is suitable for main. They ask if Debian as an organization have decided something and if not what it will likely decides. If it has already been validly decided, as for CC-3.0-BY(-SA) (and if you know it); then you should answer "yes" even tough you do not personally agree with the decision. You may add that this is not your personal opinion and tell why.

Too often, I see people answering questions on this kind; giving their own interpretation saying nothing about what have already been decided as if their opinion would be the opinion of Debian. When someone objects that this has already been decided by the ftp masters; they speak of a "consensus" although this "consensus" is only a consensus among a very few people on this list not representative of the Debian community and not entitled to decide anything. They even says that this consensus would have more value that the decision of the ftp masters (see the answer of Ben Finney Tue, 11 Sep 2007 20:29:03 +1000); legally entitled to judge. They insist that a GR-vote cannot decide the freeness of some license (even though the text of the GR-vote say explicitly that Debian consider some license free) just what Debian "will do"; letting believe that Debian violates its own rules while it only violates their opinions (see Ben Finney, Tue, 11 Sep 2007 23:25:46 +1000); while of course a "consensus" on this list can decides (or discover) the freeness of some license. This is the reason why I have said that some people try to gain power that they have not. I mean it.


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