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Re: Anti-TPM clauses

So while the method is rather different, the end-result is exactly the
same. At least, so it seems to me. So I asl my question again: In this
light, doesn't that make GPLv3 just a free or non-free (in particular
DSFG-free or DSFG-non-free) as CC-BY and CC-BY-SA?


The persons who are entitled to take a decision (i.e. the ftp masters) have decided that CC-BY-SA is free. Many people here say that something is not suitable for main even though it has already been decided otherwise by the persons entitled to take the decision. They mistake their wishes for the reality and/or try to gain powers that they have not. If it continues this way; the answers given on this list might just be disregarded. It just the opinion of a small group of people which have nothing to do with Debian but who dream they are a jury of some court.


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