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Re: GPL2 vs. GPL3 issue in VDR plug-in packages

Ben Finney wrote:
> Yes. Without explicit grant from the copyright holder to the recipient
> of a particular work, the default situation is "all rights reserved
> (to the copyright holder)".

Ok. So the only way to settle this issue will be to contact all upstream
authors and ask them to include a more verbose license disclaimer in the
source files or at least the Readme. Thanks for making this clear!

What about the GPL3 vs. GPL2 issue? If the main program is GPL3 and the
plug-ins are "GPL2 or any later", does this match? I think it doesn't.
The plug-in links with the VDR main program and therefore must be at
least GPL3, right? Maybe the main program should then explicitly allow
plug-ins to be GPL2 or later.


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