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Re: GPL2 vs. GPL3 issue in VDR plug-in packages

Ben Finney wrote:
> What does the wording of the grant of license say?

There is no explicit grant of license. The problem is, that most of the
plug-ins are created out of a template from the VDR upstream sources.
And this template only contains:

"See the file COPYING for license information." in the README


 "See the README file for copyright information and how to reach the
author." in the sources.

For an example please take a look at this plug-in:


...it's just a five-files-tarball, but a perfect example on how most of
the other VDR plug-ins look like.

There is no line saying "This program is GPL2 " or something similar. Is
this what you are referring to as "grant of license"? Does this mean,
that all these plug-ins don't have a valid GPL license at all?


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