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Re: Using a CC-3.0-BY file as data file for a GPL program

Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:
Francesco Poli wrote:
Can anyone more knowledgeable than me on these topics shed some light,
The main question is: do I really need a copyright license to use,
modify and/or redistribute such a (published) database?

If the selection of the data that was put in the database involved
creative activity by its maker, then yes you need a copyright license.
If the database was created by a European company, then you need
a license under its database right. (No database rights for US publishers)

Are you sure of this? European jurisdiction protect database; If a European Company wants tu use a database made by a US publisher; I think it might be forbidden by European law. It is quite possible that a US publisher of a database might prevent a European company using it before a European tribunal. I am not a lawyer; so I am unsure; but I think this should be investigated.


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