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Re: trilinos license

"Ondrej Certik" <ondrej@certik.cz> wrote in message [🔎] 85b5c3130708221003h7ef74a11xcafb8fe022603d89@mail.gmail.com">news:[🔎] 85b5c3130708221003h7ef74a11xcafb8fe022603d89@mail.gmail.com...
Should be clarified: there's no license by that name (they most likely
mean the "GNU Lesser General Public License"), and must specify which
version applies. The package source from upstream should include a
copy of the license text, so check which version that is.

This clarification should *not* be done without acknowledgement from
the copyright holder; nobody else has the right to change a copyright

OK, the files in the archive contain the license below, so it's LGPL,
so it should be fine.

> Trilinos is copyrighted by Sandia Corporation. Under the terms of
> Contract DE-AC04- 94AL85000, there is a non-exclusive license for
> use of this work by or on behalf of the U.S.  Government. Export of
> this program may require a license from the United States
> Government.

I'll leave it to others more versed in US export law to say whether
this affects Debian for this work.

The actual license in the files in the archive doesn't mention the
exporting law. So, what exactly should I ask the authors? To clarify,
that the license below is the valid license, that applies to all files
in the archive?

That would be the best thing to do.

If they confirm that, then everything looks fine to me.


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