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Re: Why is firebird in Debian?

Can everybody please calm down and avoid shooting each other? ;-)  There's
been hamster-beating questions, mental health mudslinging and more...

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
> 1) The MPL requires you to make the source code to your modifications
> available for six-to-twelve months electronically _or_ to make it
> available on the same media as the executable version. We do the latter.

Will you ask a for a legal opinion that the archive is media and not an
Electronic Distribution Mechanism or do you think the archive is an EDM
and we're still fine or shall I ask or does someone object to the whole
idea of checking this decision?

> [...]
> so when what you write is written in a way that people will misinterpret
> as an authoritative answer, that's a problem, which is only compounded
> if what you say is also incorrect.

I think that's the real problem.  Even if Francesco Poli became a DD,
I'd still be unhappy with that sort of post.  It's sort of ironic that
part of this seems to be based on old posts from another who posted in
a way that people misinterpret as an authoritative answer.

All the HINAL and HINADD posting is not helpful: being a non-DD non-lawyer
is not necessarily a problem.  As some posts in this thread show, DDs post
stupid stuff too.

> 4) That a license is DFSG-free [...]

Licences are never DFSG-free.  The S stands for Software, not Licence.
Licences just help some software to follow the DFSG.

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