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Why is firebird in Debian?

Hi all,
I'm quite in a rush, so I didn't find enough time to do a complete
analysis, I apologize for this.

Could someone explain to me why firebird is in main?

It is my opinion that the MPL license fails to meet the DFSG.
This opinion seems to be shared by other debian-legal regulars:

Firebird is licensed under the terms of two licenses that claim to be
and, indeed, from a quick glance, they seem to share at least some of
the issues of the MPL: choice of venue, modified source must be kept
online for at least 6 months, ...

I even wonder whether Debian is actually *able* to comply with those
licenses (I'm especially concerned with the 6-month-source-availability

I didn't find any serious bug filed against firebird2.0 or firebird1.5.

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