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Re: Bacula and OpenSSL

On Saturday 14 July 2007 11:03, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> Kern Sibbald <kern@sibbald.com> writes:
> >> GPL + OpenSSL exception would be enough to be sure. You may have more
> >> luck convincing copyright owners to grant an OpenSSL exception than to
> >> accept an entirely new license.
> >
> > I am told that FSF never grants exceptions so this is a hopeless path that 
> > have already explored.
> That is incorrect.  The FSF has granted OpenSSL license exceptions to
> some software that links to OpenSSL.  For example, GNU wget.

Interesting.  Shane would you comment on this?

> Exactly what FSF code are you using?  It couldn't hurt to ask them.  If
> it is general purpose code, I suspect they won't give it, but if it is
> network or even TLS related, there could be a chance.

Well, it is pretty general purpose.  None of the FSF code is network or TLS 
related. The FSF files involved are:

src/lib/fnmatch.h  FSF
src/lib/fnmatch.c  FSF
src/lib/enh_fnmatch.h  FSF
src/lib/enh_fnmatch.c FSF      (fnmatch enhanced by us)

src/lib/idcache.c  FSF             (from tar I think)
src/findlib/save-cwd.c  FSF     (from tar I think)
src/findlib/makepath.c  FSF    (from tar I think)

In addition, there are two files copyrighted by Anders Carlsson, two by Sun 
Microsystems in the tray-monitor directory,  and a number of files by AT&T 
all in the win32 subdirectories.

My status on this "project" is:
- I have already removed or replaced(with BSD code) three files that were 
copyrighted by FSF

- idcache.c, I will re-write in any case (I've been planning this long before 
this problem).

- I have a BSD licensed replacement for fnmatch, which I can substitute after 
the 2.2.0 (next) release of Bacula.

- Probably enh_fnmatch will follow, but it is a good deal of extra work since 
it involves a good number of modifications.

- save-cwd.c and makepath.c are heavily modified and will be more difficult to 
replace (confusion of the original code and the heavy modifications make the 
task harder).

- I will rewrite the AT&T copyrighted code after 2.2.0 is released, but this 
code is used only in the Win32 release so does not concern the Debian 

- The Anders Carlsson and Sun copyrighted code is used in the GTK tray monitor 
and is problematic because I don't like working on GTK (makes it harder) and 
I am not familar with the code.  I doubt that there is any BSD GTK tray 
monitor code :-(   If you do not build the tray monitor binary with OpenSSL 
this will eliminate that problem. 



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