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Re: Bacula and OpenSSL

Le samedi 14 juillet 2007 à 12:09 +0200, Kern Sibbald a écrit :
> Well, it is pretty general purpose.  None of the FSF code is network or TLS 
> related. The FSF files involved are:
> src/lib/fnmatch.h  FSF
> src/lib/fnmatch.c  FSF
> src/lib/enh_fnmatch.h  FSF
> src/lib/enh_fnmatch.c FSF      (fnmatch enhanced by us)

TTBOMK fnmatch is available under the LGPL.

> - The Anders Carlsson and Sun copyrighted code is used in the GTK tray monitor 
> and is problematic because I don't like working on GTK (makes it harder) and 
> I am not familar with the code.  I doubt that there is any BSD GTK tray 
> monitor code :-(

What do you mean with "tray monitor code" ? There's GtkStatusIcon since
GTK+ 2.10, do you need something more sophisticated?

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