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Re: DPL's view of debian-legal (was: Debian Trademarks Summary)

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote: [...]
> Gosh, what fun it is to trade pointless insults on a mailing list.

I feared that was your view.  Roll on list-admins.

> This was, of course, more than you ever did to help define a trademark
> policy, which consisted of complaining that nobody was doing anything,
> then not providing any support when anyone was doing anything.

TTBOMK, I've complained that it's taking a long time to progress, not
that nobody was doing anything.

I offered support to at least two of the drafters, but drafters seem to go
AWOL after the first public draft (or one even seems to have gone before).
There has been a succession of attempts to create a policy, in different
forums and requested by different people - I now know of five unfinished
attempts in the last three years and I suspect there were probably more
before that.  Did the drafters know of those that went before?  Maybe they
didn't get the briefing or support they needed from the project leaders?

So I suggest the problem is not in defining or DD support, but in
management or communication.  Now I'm trying to connect the various
lists that should be communicating about this (spi-board, spi-trademark,
debian-legal, debian-project among them) to help this complete, but I'm
very cautious about treading on toes, because I know I hold a minority
view on this and I know how frustrating it is for an interested party
to be mistakenly excluded from this sort of process.

I'm well aware that my views on trademarks (available to all, harmable
by none) are not the consensus view, so I probably shouldn't draft this
policy.  Another reason is my bloody terrible record on GR drafting in
general, although I think that's partly an artefact of something else.

Why no elected leader yet has led this thing that sorely needs leadership
is beyond me.  Some leaders who should have been managing this drafting
seemed keener on money than this irreplaceable asset.

Hope that explains,
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