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Re: Redistribution with multiple licenses

Suraj, please don't send me copies of messages to the mailing list;

"Suraj N. Kurapati" <skurapat@ucsc.edu> writes:

> Ben Finney wrote:
> > The set of permissions you receive is the *intersection* of the
> > permissions granted by all licenses to the work ...
> > 
> > The set of restrictions you must meet is the *sum* of the
> > restrictions required by all licenses to the work. ...
> The above rules pertain specifically to distribution, correct?

They pertain to any action reserved to the monopoly holder under the
applicable laws.

> I ask because the first rule does not seem to apply when you are
> extracting a contained item from a container: each item is only
> governed by its respective license.

It applies, in that the licenses that apply to *the work in question*
(in your example, the piece extracted) need to be satisfied.

> Thus, the licenses of all other items are ignored and there is no
> intersection of permissions to be considered.

So long as your act of extraction isn't one that is reserved to the
rights holder, yes.

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