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Re: Redistribution with multiple licenses

Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
> Ben Finney wrote:
> > The set of permissions you receive is the *intersection* of the 
> > permissions granted by all licenses to the work (as modified by
> > rights you have regardless of license under copyright law). You
> > may only exercise those permissions that remain.
> > 
> > The set of restrictions you must meet is the *sum* of the
> > restrictions required by all licenses to the work. You must
> > satisfy all restrictions simultaneously, or you have no license
> > to perform the desired act.
> The above rules pertain specifically to distribution, correct?

No. They are true for any act that requires permission from the
copyright holder. Distribution is one such act. Copying without
dsitribution is also such an act. Creating a derivative work is
also such an act. And for example in Europe, executing software
is also such an act. 

For most free and open source licenses, only acts that involve
distribution come with conditions. But that is a special case.


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