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Re: BSD & MIT licenses compatible?

"Suraj N. Kurapati" <skurapat@ucsc.edu> wrote in message 46205DF5.7020307@ucsc.edu">news:46205DF5.7020307@ucsc.edu...
Andrew Donnellan wrote:
On 4/14/07, Suraj N. Kurapati <skurapat@ucsc.edu> wrote:
The BSD is not compatible with the MIT license because it has an
additional condition (i.e. you cannot use copyright holder's names
to promote the product) that the MIT license lacks.

Um, neither the BSD nor the MIT licenses have a clause saying 'You may
not add additional restrictions.'

Wonderful! Thanks for the clarification. :-)

So when I appended bsd.c to mit.c, did the entire mit.c become
licensed under both licenses?  That is, did the originally-MIT
portions of mit.c inherit the extra condition from the BSD license?

Thanks for your consideration.
That is an easy way to view it. Technically, what you had said before is perfectly correct, but thinking of the file as being licenced under the combination of the conditions is also perfectly valid (as long as you realize that if the parts are seperated, the original lices still apply, of course).

In summary, just make sure you meet all the terms of both, and you are fine.

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