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Re: Redistribution with multiple licenses

"Suraj N. Kurapati" <skurapat@ucsc.edu> writes:

> 3. When you modify a contained item, your modifications become
> licensed under the contained item's license.
> For example, when I modify mit.c, my modifications become pulled
> under the MIT license. Since the MIT license allows me to add more
> restrictions, I can take the {original MIT code + my modifications}
> and release it under BSD or GPL.

As has been pointed out, this is not correct.

The thought-experiment to apply is "Can I *simultaneously* satisfy all
the terms of all licenses for the work I'm distributing or modifying?"

The set of permissions you receive is the *intersection* of the
permissions granted by all licenses to the work (as modified by rights
you have regardless of license under copyright law). You may only
exercise those permissions that remain.

The set of restrictions you must meet is the *sum* of the restrictions
required by all licenses to the work. You must satisfy all
restrictions simultaneously, or you have no license to perform the
desired act.

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