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Re: Choosing a license for Frets on Fire songs

Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx> wrote:
> Yes that's the contract you have to sign to be part of Teosto (which you have
> to do if you ever want to make a living in Finland as a musician).

Please, ask Finland's *legislators* if the situation there is really
that anti-competitive closed shop.  I've heard similar things before, but
as I'm not much of a musician and negiotiated a cancellation on my book
publishing contract, I've not had to look at these problems for myself.

I suspect it is that bad (the EU approach to copyright is a wrong-headed
protectionist one at present), but anyway it would be good to make
legislators aware that there are creative people who are hindered by this.

Monopoly collecting societies seem long overdue a reality check and
a reminder that they should work for the composers/authors and not only
the legacy publishers.

If Teosto has a fundamental objection to releasing music as free software
and Teosto approval is an essential requirement, then we either change
Teosto or we change free software.  I say change Teosto.
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