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Re: Choosing a license for Frets on Fire songs

Hi all, hi Don; thanks for your input.

2007/3/27, Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:
[parts snipped]

There's really no point to drafting such a license, because it would
not be acceptable for main, and more to the point, Teosto would have
to vet it. Teosto's lawyers should really be the ones spending time
and money to do so. (After all, that's what they're paid to do.)

Maybe if debian-legal or I wrote the license (I have never written a
license before, but maybe I could modify the MIT license) we could get
Teosto to agree on more liberal terms than we would get if Teosto
wrote one?

For example, maybe we could write that the songs can be distributed by
anyone as long as they are shipped with a computer game, and that the
people who receive the songs automatically get an (irrevokable)
license to redistribute the song under the same terms.

What needs to happen for the work to go in main is that Teosto needs
to grant for whatever works that they own the copyright for the
ability to distribute them under MIT/Expat (or similar) in addition to
whatever license they'd use for uses of the work which are not in
compliance with MIT/Expat.

I doubt Teosto will do that.


P.S. I am CC'ing 383316@bugs.debian.org now even though I didn't CC it before.

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