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Re: Debian-approved creative/content license?

Francesco Poli escribe:
> "The preferred form for making modifications" does *not* imply that
> there's no other form (more or less) suitable for modifying the work. 
> It just means that the source is the *preferred* one...
> People may and do modify compiled programs using hex editors and/or
> disassemblers or decompilers, without having access to source code
> (think about the so-called "warez dudes" that strip anti-copy mechanisms
> from proprietary programs, for instance).
> That *doesn't* mean that the compiled form is (always) the preferred
> form for modifications: in most cases, those people would rather have
> access to C code (for programs written in C), instead of being forced to
> edit the compiled binary!

It's perfectly clear, thanks!

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